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“75% of the ISO 9001 Quality Systems in Manufacturing Companies are Wasting Money due to Over-Complication.” – Total Quality News



Design and Implement ISO 9001, AS 9100 or IATF 16949

Using The Science of Simplicity

Developed by The Del Straight Company



In our 34 years of setting up and implementing quality systems, we have seen far too many over complicated systems.  In the case of an ISO 9001 based quality system, complexity is the last thing you want or need.


Contact Us for a free no obligation proposal to assist your business achieve an effective, efficient and compliant ISO 9001, AS 9100 ISO 13485 or IATF 16949 quality management system. 



Here are a few of the rules of simplicity science that can be applied to Quality Management Systems:


Know the scope of your business and do not apply requirements that do not affect the quality of your product, service or customer satisfaction.  Only apply requirements or portions thereof that add value to your business.


Avoid unnecessary paperwork.  Do not make records for the sake of having a record.  If the record has no value, modify or eliminate it.


Never have a system that requires you to “Get Ready” for an audit.  A well designed quality system is integrated into your business because you are doing things you want to do not have to do.


Never have a system that is so complex that you have to hire someone to maintain it.  If you need to do this, it is probably because your system includes too much busywork and not enough value added content.

When cost exceeds value the cost must be cut.


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Our research shows that 75% of the ISO 9001 quality systems in manufacturing companies are wasting the company’s money because they are over complicated.  Some of the causes are:


Lack of understanding of the requirements.  Few realize the exceptions that can be taken because the requirement does not fit your business.  The Del Straight Company can help you to understand what needs to be done and what can be eliminated.


Over Paid Consultants.  Some make systems complicated to justify their inflated fees or hourly rates.  The Del Straight Company quotes all work up front and offers it at a price that is often less than you could do it yourself.



Our Guarantee

The system we design will pass an evaluation by any agency or customer evaluating your compliance with the standard.  NO OTHER QMS CONSULTING FIRM CAN MAKE THIS CLAIM!!!