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About US

Our Core Business

Our core business has always been the development and maintenance of Quality Management Systems.  Our philosophy is to develop value added systems at an affordable price.  95% of our customers have less than 50 employees and we have several with just 2 or three employees.


Our customer’s success is our success.  By focusing on keeping it simple we have helped hundreds of small businesses develop system that not only have a low initial cost but cost much less to maintain than those created by our competitors.  In most cases, we do the work for less than a company could do it itself.

Early Years

We have been in business since 1983.  When we began most Quality Management System requirements were based on Military Standards.  The first ISO type business we were involved in setting up was a Nuclear Power Facility in Canada based on the Canadian version of what is now ISO.  Also in the early years, we became involved with Lloyds of London in designing quality systems for Off Shore Oil platform equipment based on another prequel to ISO 9001, BS 5750.


In the late 80s and Early 90s we became involved with Aerospace Industry supplier management on the West Coast of the US.  Developing systems for suppliers to Raytheon, McDonnell Douglas, Northrup, Grumman, Allied Signal, Boeing and many others.  Most of these customers had there own standards to follow and had there own audit teams.


Also in the early 90s we began developing systems for Automotive Suppliers.  Automotive companies also had their own standards like Targets for Excellence, Q-1, Pentastar and TESQA.  We were involved with all of them.

National Attention

Because we were focused on helping small businesses qualify for bigger contracts, we got the attention of the National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA).  We performed training in Quality Systems at their training facilities in Los Angeles and San Francisco.  We then were schedule to perform seminars in Houston, Cleveland, Phoenix, Detroit, Toledo, Pittsburg, St Louis, Denver, Atlanta and several other major US cities.  Each seminar brought us more clients from the area of the seminar.  We developed a national clientele in a matter of months.


In the early 90s there was a monthly magazine for ISO 9001.  They did an article on us.  One of our competitors had contended that we could not do what we said we could do at the low cost we were quoting.  Our price was only about 10% of the price they were quoting.  The investigation done and published by the magazine proved that we could and were doing exactly what we said at the quoted price.  It was this article that helped get us a contract with Maritime Industries a New York City Shipping and Cruise Line company, one of our largest contracts at the time.


To this date, the only complaints logged against us have been by jealous competitors not customers.  Our competitors just can’t offer the experience and expertise that we offer at the price that we charge.  In addition they cannot match our guarantee.

Mr. Del Straight
Chairman and Founder
Mr. Straight is a consultant and a highly respected speaker. He has been the invited guest speaker at many national and local events, such as those sponsored by the NTMA Training Center in Los Angeles, California and San Francisco, California among others, as well as nationwide seminars promoted and produced by our firm in Boston, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, St Louis and other various locations during the 90's.  Mr. Straight received a Letter of Commendation from the President of Raytheon in 1984 for his work in improving quality and defect prevention Raytheon Corporation ESD located in Santa Barbara, California.

Mr. Straight has been published in many national magazines and has written numerous articles such as; "Science of Simplicity", "Efficient Quality System Development" and "Beware the Wolves" (an article on the dangers of being misled by over-priced consulting firms).

Mr. Straight is a Trained Lead Auditor with a certificate from a training firm with RAB/QSA credentials.  He performs about 10 audits per month for various types of manufacturing companies located in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.  Auditors from ANAB accredited firms have often praised his audit methods because he follows a true process approach not seen in many of the other audits they review.

You can contact Mr. Straight directly at
Del Straight's Certification
Laura Straight 
Laura Straight specializes in document development. She brings years of corporate experience to her consulting, providing a rich store of firsthand knowledge from which to draw.  Ms. Straight is also an experienced public speaker and possesses superlative people skills.

Ms. Straight received her training in ISO and auditing from the American Society for Quality.

You can contact Laura at laura@delstraight.com