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Audit the System

We offer an auditing service that ensures you are compliant and looks for ways to continually improve the quality management system.  Del Straight recommends that we at least do the first audit.  Who better to know how a system should work than the one who designed it. 


Most of our clients hire us to audit the system every year because of our focus on their customer’s needs and ways to improve over time.  Unlike many of our competitors, Del Straight does not focus on the quality of the paperwork we focus on the things your customer considers important; the quality of products, services and people.


Our audits will be conducted in the same manner as your most particular customer would audit you.  We are not just looking for compliance.  We are looking to keep you up to date with the latest methodology emphasizing effectiveness and efficiency.


A documented and comprehensive audit report is prepared after each audit.  If you are registered by a third party, our audit will act as your internal audit and is fully guaranteed to satisfy the internal audit requirements of a third party registrar.


We issue a certificate of conformance after each audit.  Many of our customers have found that their customers accept our certificate in lieu of the more expensive registration process.