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QSRD International is a certification body offering Second Party Certification to Quality and Laboratory Management Systems

What is Second Party Certification?
Second party certification is a certification issued by either a customer or interested party associated with the business being certified.  The audit is performed using the Standard and the Business's documentation as audit criteria.  It is an audit of the Business's compliance with the audit criteria. Second party certification complies with the requirements of the International Organiztion of Standardiztion (ISO).  QSRD second party audits are carried out in compliance with auditing requirements ISO 19011:2017

What is the Difference between Second Party and Third Party Certification?

A second party auditor is permitted to make suggestions that will improve the business's management system and make suggestions as to how to correct nonconformity.  The second party auditor may not insist on their suggestions or corrections being implemented.  Thus allowing the business to incorporate their own thoughts and maintain ownership of the system.  A third party is not permitted to assist the business being audited in any way. 

Are Third Part Auditors Superior to Second Party Auditors?

At QSDR our auditors have the exact same training as third party auditors.  However, QSRD auditor experience exceeds that of most third party auditors.  All QSRD auditors are experienced in establishing, managing and maintaining the management systems that they audit. Their experience is used to ensure their clients not only comply but operate an effective and efficient system making them superior to may businesses with third party certifications.  All QSRD Auditors have certificated training through SAE for both AS 9100 and IATF 16949.

Which is Best for My Business?

Second party is best for your business if want value added auditing that helps you to improve and grow your business.  Second party gives your business the advantage of professional assistance making you a better supplier to your customers.

What Standards are QSRD International Qualified to Audit?

ISO 9001:2015, AS 9100:2016, IATF 16949, ISO 17025, ISO 14001, ISO 13485 

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