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Our Design and Development Process

Keeping It Simple

A quality management system can be kept simple without sacrificing effectiveness and efficiency. Most of our competitors have not learned that lesson. Some overcomplicate the systems they design in order to justify overpricing. Some over complicate the systems they design to hide their own lack of understanding of your business.   Del Straight guarantees the simplest most effective quality management system custom-designed for your business.   After all, We’ve been doing this for over 32 years.


Start with What You Have

Most businesses have a system in place. It may not be the most efficient and effective system and it may not fully comply with requirements, but it will have good aspects that should be retained and used in your quality management system design.  Del Straight does not do cookie-cutter quality management systems.  We consider your product or service, your existing practices and your management style when we custom design your quality management system.


Build on What You Have

Once your existing practices are defined, we analyze them to determine if improvements can be suggested.  In addition, where adjustments or additions are needed to bring the system into compliance, we determine the best course to build on what you already have, even if we have to start from scratch.  Del Straight considers effectiveness and efficiency to be the primary goals.  Compliance is easy when effectiveness and efficiency have been properly addressed.  An effective and efficient quality management system is one you will want to use because it benefits your business without increasing costs.


Design the System

Armed with the information we need, we can now prepare all of the necessary documentation.  Documentation can be hard copy or electronic depending on your operational style.  We keep the paperwork to a minimum.  Many of our competitors seem to think the paperwork is the most important part.  Del Straight believes that paperwork must add value or it is unnecessary.


Implement the System

We train as we go.  By the time we reach this point there are only a few details left to cover.  However, we will discuss the entire system with key management people and ensure you know how to follow the system we designed together.  Del Straight provides continued assistance during the implementation process.  Unlike some of our competitors, we do not just hand you a book and say “follow this”.